Why Calcium is Important and Calcium Enrich Foods

Calcium is the most bottomless mineral in the body. Very nearly 99 percent of the body’s calcium is put away in the structure of the bones and teeth. Actually, however, large portions of us aren’t eating enough calcium rich nourishments. (What’s more, insight: It’s not generally about dairy.) 
Bone calcium is additionally utilized as a capacity zone to discharge calcium into the circulatory system when it is required. Calcium is required for far beyond bone wellbeing, however. Eating calcium rich nourishments makes it workable for our body’s to accomplish ideal nerve transmission, blood coagulating, hormone emission and muscle constriction. 
Blood calcium is firmly controlled since it plays such a large number of basic capacities, including adjusting your body’s corrosive/soluble body and pH. The body will obtain calcium from the bones as required, so frequently that the bones are really rebuilt about at regular intervals. 
Calcium Insufficiency Side Effects Can Include: 
Osteopenia or Osteoporosis 
Tooth rot 
Muscle strain 
Best 10 Calcium Rich Foods :
1) Raw Milk 
1 container: 300 mg (30% DV) 
2) Kale (cooked) 
1 container: 245 mg (24% DV) 
3) Sardines (with bones) 
2 ounces: 217 mg (21% DV) 
4) Yogurt or Kefir 
6 oz: 300 mg (30% DV) 
5) Broccoli 
1 ½ container cooked: 93 mg (9% DV) 
6) Watercress 
1 container: 41 mg (4% DV) 
7) Cheese 
1 oz: 224 mg (22% DV) 
8) Bok Choy 
1 cup:74 mg (7% DV) 
9) Okra 
1 container: 82 mg (8% DV) 
10) Almonds 
1 oz: 76 mg (8% DV)

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